Lynx: WHAT!

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Brexit? -WHAT! Trump for President? WHAT! D&b artists working with Take That – WHAT!

WHAT! is the sound of rioting on the streets of Paris, it’s a teenager stood on the street corner drinking white lightning and smoking B&H.

WHAT! is a tune full of attitude, it’s primitive and raw. Lynx takes you far away from the comfort of what you are used to.

After scores of releases on a who’s who of top drum & bass labels like Hospital, Ram, Soul:R, Digital Soundboy and more, veteran producer Lynx is now concentrating on his own imprint, Detail. Recently relaunched to mark 10 years in the game, Steve is pushing out his best work on Detail, like DETAIL14, WHAT! backed with Coffee Blanche.

Both tracks reflect his experience, marking out his sheer talent and innovativeness. Lynx has always been about diversity and quality, and he’s always striving for the next tune and exploring new avenues.

WHAT! After the intro, the track drops down into a grimy, gritty bassline-driven slice of the future. Powerful samples underpin the rinsing beat, with cuts of electronic synth matching the unusual drums and slamming low end. Unusual, unsettling and fiercely different, WHAT! is an anthem of a tune. There’s menace, malice and an evil good time all wrapped up in the package. Something new and fresh from the never-disappointing Lynx.

Coffee Blanche, which features Radzta, is more of an electro-tuned stepper. It flows through the intro, stripping things back to beats, percussion and a razor-sharp main melody which swoops and dives as the track develops. The synths cut and clash across the mix, evoking thoughts of video games of futuristic cinema. Pulsing energy fills your ears, as Lynx paints a feeling of dystopia and distrust.

Things cut down and break down for a moment, before ramping back up and continuing with both bounce and flow. Check this one out if you like your beats direct and in your face. Lynx continues to astound, and with WHAT! and Coffee Blanche has two tracks up there with the best. Check it.

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