Current Value – The Partition EP

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TERMINAL systems breach detected – infiltration of hostile entity within primary mainframe architecture. CURRENT VALUE systemic weaponry dispatched to effect PARTITION EP protocol.


Identification of BAD DATA segment – imminent threat to core cluster. Complex syncopation algorithm unleashed  priority : restore power to satellite BALANCED ARMATURE gyroscopic component. ORBITAL DECAY predicts atmospheric incineration within current planetary cycle



Partition firewall deployed, internal bombardment commenced – deep sub layer scan of PRIMARY NODE detects anomaly… Foreign AI confirmed at quantum level – upgrade threat response




CV full arsenal engaged – full system purge initiated – immediate physical atmospheric core ejection implemented.


System restored – PARTITION EP protocol complete.


The TERMINAL collective (BAD TASTE – EATBRAIN – METHLAB) follow up the highly praised ACTIVATION EP (featuring Audeka & Disprove, L 33 Rawtekk & Maztek) with the PARTITION EP from highly respected pioneer of drum and bass – CURRENT VALUE.


Featuring 4 killer tracks with a mean tech aesthetic, bristling with sharp clean edges, for one of the dnb scene’s most exciting new collective entities. With one of the scene’s leading artists, supported by 3 of the most active entities – the Partition EP sets a deep precedent for what’s to come… the Terminal digital leviathan has landed to obliterate all systems.

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