Paul T & Edward Oberon – ‘Stay Forever’ / ‘Taking Over Me’ ‘Fire’

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Continuing on from the success of their double-sided release a little while back, and highlighting what a great fit they are with revered D&B label V Recordings, is production outfit Paul T & Edward Oberon.

Exclusively signed with the platform, they deliver their latest collaborative EP on 8th July, which features three contrasting tracks. The pair says of the short collection: “It’s almost a textbook of how we remain musically versatile, within the context of a consistently soulful sound. No matter what we do, we still want to maintain our identity. The idea is to allow listeners to absorb each song of the single as a cohesive experience within itself.”



‘Stay Forever’ lands first, bursting with lightly flitting piano tones, soul-drenched vocals and a generous helping of feel-good soul. ‘Taking Over Me’ is more aggressive, with a stuttering bass line and almost hypnotic hooks of melody, whilst ‘Fire’ is an immersive, raw cut that combines a thunderous, drum-led intro with dark yet smoothly riding vocals.

The EP moves with urgency, feeling, and melodic intensity; themes this duo explore with unique creativity and stellar production quality.

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