Heading towards Techniques Summer with Salaryman

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Only 1 week to go until Technique Recordings drops an enormous LP – more than 30 new tracks that belong into the sun! Summerdays and nights will be both covered with Technique Summer 2016, which you can pre-order here. To get the ball rolling we had a chat with Salaryman to talk us through his favourite summer tunes on the label so far.

ShockOne & Phetsta – The Sun

For me, this is the definition of a summer track : bright warm synths, big dynamic bassline and soulful vocals. One of my favourite D&B tune of all time!

Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Cold Turkey

Can’t forget the summer 2007 when this tune came out. I was the first guy among my friend DJs to get a copy and when I first played it, they were like : “you’ve got to give me the name of this monster tune!”

Document One – Run The Block

One of the D&B best seller of this year so far and it’s well deserved! Definitely loving these sounds recalling me the golden era of Roni Size’s “New Forms” reworked in a modern way.

Kronology feat. Without My Armor – Monster

This one starts like a lovely Liquid tune but it plays its cards close to its chest as when the bassline drops, it unveils a dancefloor smasher! The kind of secret weapon to keep on your playlists.
Phetsta – Evolution

I just can’t get enough of this impressive epic intro, and this guitar-like bassline is such a madness! Still a great tune for ending a set.

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