Alix Perez – Elephant Dreams EP

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alix_perez-elephant_dreams_epAlix Depauw is one of electronic music’s most sought after and revered producer/DJ’s of recent times. Since the release of his ground breaking debut album ‘1984’ back in 2009 on Shogun Audio his unique fusion of drum & bass, half-time and electronica has seen his career sky-line, bringing new music through the likes of Exit Records with DJ Rashad and Spinn and with his collaborative Shades project alongside L.A’s EPROM.

Now as we draw into the summer months Alix is ready to kick off his very own new imprint, 1985 Music. With a return to his beloved drum & bass roots making for the breathtaking ‘Elephant Dreams EP’, Alix himself explains…..

“Starting my own imprint has been on the cards for a quite a while, and I feel now is the right time. My vision for the label is very solid; it’s is a platform rooted primarily in the 85 / 170 bpm bracket but also going beyond with no rules applied. I want to push and support good, forward thinking music that I believe represents the focus of 1985.

A. Elephant Dreams ft. Skeptical
B. Had I Known
D. Room 667 ft. Skeptical

It feels good to have complete creative control of music, design and overall feel and this is the exact reason behind this project. No compromise, just an honest creative outlet. Initially, for the first few releases it will entail my solo work with some collaborations. Subsequent releases will include other artists that are pushing the boundaries and suit the path of One Nine Eight Five.”
There’s so much in the pipeline, I’m so excited about it all!” Alix Perez 2016

1ST JULY 2016 (VINYL) / /

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