Working to Replenish My Music Collection

I was not really sure how it happened, but I have lost a big part of my music collection when I moved out of my apartment last month. I was sharing a place with this guy and he was about to get married. He wanted me to stick around, obviously because he wanted to split the rent with me. However neither me nor any other person I know can get along with the woman he is marrying. I had a huge amount of music on two external hard drives which both went missing. I am at right now, looking for a rather small number of South Asian songs that I had on these drives. That is a tiny thing, but I happened to know that it is likely that I can find it on this site. The rest of it is not going to be so simple in reality.

In fact I have almost every sort of music you can imagine. I have a really extensive collection of Gypsy jazz, which I picked up an interest in because of Django Reinhardt. He is one of my favorite guitarists and obviously not one that is as familiar to the masses as many other guitar players. It is not so simple to figure out how to find obscure things. It took me years and years of work to amass the collection that I have. You chance into a lot of it and much of it I got from swapping with other music collectors. Obviously when you have it on a digital source you need to back it up and that is why I have multiple hard drives with back up copies on different ones. I would not have thought that I would lose two of them at the exact same time of course.