Beat Assassins – Ramm Out [Mofo Recordings]

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“Bass get turn up!”
“Dance get Ramm Out!”
“Heavy B-Line make-dem-jaw-dem hang out!”
“Get the drinks in if ya weeks-been-mad-out!”
“Ya have to skank harder when SiFu’s about!”

It’s that Friday night drum and bass feeling and it’s happening all over the country. You’ve had a mad week and your boss is an idiot. But it’s the weekend! Time to get the drinks in at the bar. Slam down those shot glasses and hit the dance floor hard. And when that bassline drops; all is forgotten!
Beat Assassins Ramm Out ft SiFu Chan is all about that Friday Night feeling. Packaged within a cheeky, rap driver, drum n bass roller with a grime bassline straight outta East London. It’s the perfect way to start the weekend.

But what about when it gets to 2am? We will need the filth and the fury.
So Beat Assassins have turned to one of London’s rising drum n bass stars and longtime music hommie, D’Silva, who has delivered a monster drum and bass remix. Expect to hear pitched vocals, furious screaming synth leads and intense bassline dynamics.
After you’ve dropped D’Silva’s remix on the rig, watch the whole rave holler for the rewind! And then our Friday night drum and bass feeling is complete.

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