RICH RAW – Oblivion

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Release: 1st July 2016

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Rough, rugged and undoubtedly raw, the strongest release to come out of the Wyatt Noise camp yet is about to unleash for the summer. Two tracks of unadulterated tech-stepping goodness sending Rich Raw well on his way.

“I’ve been really getting to grips with my Virus recently and pretty much all the sounds in these tracks have been made from scratch using that. With ‘Oblivion’ I really wanted to write something that rolled, you know that classic sound. The dinosaur call bass was written back in 2005 and I stumbled across the arpeggiator on the Virus for the main tech-fused funk line.

‘7 Fifty One’ got it’s name as I started it at 7.51am after getting home from DJ’ing and not being able to sleep. I came up with that filthy bass lick then. Coming to think of it I reckon my best work is often done in the mornings!” Rich Raw 2016

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