Agressor Bunx – Colony EP

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agressor_bunx-colony_epThe return of Program has been eagerly awaited. One of the most defining sister-labels that has cemented a name for itself against its colossal counterpart,

Program’s hiatus has led to the secret expansion of its discography. One that’s about to be unleashed on the masses, after biding its time. And Aggressor Bunx deliver a four-track EP to reinstate both their name and the imprint’s… The producers have withstood the baying competition of new recruits to become a household name in their own right.

Reintroducing you to the gritty, no-apologies assault of Program’s output, up first is title-track ‘Colony’. Creepy, horror-like samples intertwine with boding snare, dragging you forward on top of steely drums. You’re given a brief moment of respite before you crash inside another unfamiliar break pattern, a feature Aggressor Bunx are renowned for.

‘Dizballance’ and ‘Time Shift’ roll out next. ‘Dizballance’ takes you down a techier route, with elevating note patterns and a madly fluctuating bassline, made stockier by pumping subs. Kick-drum bolsters the composition, creating a seemingly intricate but no less heavy fresh piece of sonic artwork.

On the other hand, ‘Time Shift’ offers up a different take on their signature production standards. Riding along a more ethereal intro, you’re opened to a deeper version of their repertoire. Ragga vocal snips drop you into distorted anarchy, amongst clinking hi-hats and wavering synth. It’s murkier than its predecessors, gradually building with each segment.

And lastly, comes ‘Hottah’. Each layer grows more and more indignant, filled with cascading drops and peddled drums ricocheting throughout the mix. It serves as the perfect finish, yet again demonstrating a commitment to a dark,fiercely intimate craftsmanship which has made the producer so notorious.

So once again… it’s time to get with the Program. One that’s here to stay.


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