Various Artists – Depth Range EP

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depthrange_epTerabyte Records has never been shy to dip into the far flung corners of D&B, and it’s twenty sixth release is no different. With the ‘20/20’ spring having sprung to deadly effect, enter Depth Range: a German four-piece consisting of ReDraft, Reminder, HP.Ritch & Kid Kun. These lads have already been flirting with Ivy Lab’s new imprint, but Terabyte pinned down a fantastic 4-track ‘Depth Range EP’ now ready to be revealed in all its glory.

The opening track, ‘Your Love’, a combo effort from ReDraft & Reminder opens with ethereal pads and echoed vocals, building and dropping into a crazy footwork-influenced banger; the perfect balance between total war music and soulful wizardry. ‘Tell Them’, a herculean track from ReDraft & HP.Ritch, comes straight out the shotgun with an almost pneumatic bassline that will definitely get more than its fair share of wheel ups and reloads. If the opener wasn’t ‘war’ enough for you, this definitely will correct that pronto.

Track three, ‘Moon’, from ReDraft & Kid Kun features a droning bassline coupled with frantic yet expertly precise percussive elements that make this one hypnotic and entrancing. One for the deepest of sets or the most emotive of audio journeys. The final piece is ReDraft’s final bullet in the chamber. ‘Hyposphere’ has 31 Recordings, Om Unit, Loxy & Resound, and Blocks & Escher fused in an almost nuclear capacity, generating enough energy to make the most hardy of listeners lose their grip.

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