Moleman – Sensory EP

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Moleman - Sensory EP ArtworkSubsphere Is quickly becoming the go to label for melodic, liquid drum and bass. Created in 2011, Subsphere records 10th release is set to be one of its most eagerly anticipated yet. With releases from the likes of Feint, Stan SB and Keeno, Subsphere is steadily cementing itself as a household name for drum and bass. Now it’s bringing to the forefront a producer with over 1.5 million views on his YouTube and fans begging for his next release. Subsphere Records presents ‘Moleman – Sensory EP’.

Negative space
Negative space instantly hits you with a bold starkness that leaves producer Moleman nowhere to hide! With heavy distorted rhythmic bass and jarring syncopation, this track draws you in with its unusual gritty swing rhythm before transforming into contrastingly smooth waves of melodious strings and arpeggiated synths. Negative Space is sure to be an instant hit amongst drum and bass fans everywhere.

Sensory epitomises Moleman’s ability to create solid liquid drum and bass with ease. Doing what he does best, Moleman delivers an ambient and relaxed rolling track with an array of multilayered synths embodying an ethereal otherworldliness. Sensory is the perfect chilled track.

Tunnel Vision
Opening on a stripped back almost meditative harp melody, Tunnel vision draws you in with the expectation of relaxed and chilled liquid drum and bass. But this track takes an unexpected turn when it hits you with the heavy pounding drums and distorted synths that crescendo into a brilliant piece of heavy electronic music. Layers upon layers of dirty sounding synths and side chaining creates an epic wall of sound that takes you on an exciting blood pumping rise and fall journey, transforming Tunnel Vision into something truly next level.

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