Emperor – Dispositions LP

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emperor-dispositions_lp’Dispositions’ is a piece of me, an insight into my personality. I wanted to create something that represented that and more importantly be an album that people wouldn’t expect.” Emperor, 2016
Having debuted his first Critical release ‘Monolith’ back in 2012 the Emperor name has become synonymous with some of the most breathtaking drum & bass of recent times. Since the ‘Begin EP’ and his collaborative ‘Hello World EP’ with Mejus took the scene by storm, Emperor’s heavyweight approach culminated with the utterly outrageous ‘Into Black EP’ which pushed all the levels to the max.

Now ‘Dispostions’ looks set to cement his status at the top of the leader board.
“When I first heard Conor’s music I knew he had the potential to make some special records. His music has that great combination of mood and technique, combined with an ear for that killer sample and a rawness that is lost in a lot of modern production. ‘Dispositions’ as an album showcases all this in style and also his diversity as a producer with his ability to span sub genres with ease.” @kasra-critical 2016

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Album artwork by: www.harryrobbinstattoo.com/

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