Coppa presents Defcon 1

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coppa_defcon_1SUBSISTENZ follow up their widely acclaimed Current Value & Maztek release of Feedback Echo // Declock with another powerful statement in combination with neurofunk and tech dnb’s most symbiotic Master of Ceremonies  – COPPA.

Delivering 4 tracks at the highest production level from an impressive array of artists including CURRENT VALUE, AGRESSOR BUNX, L 33 and MACHINECODE backed by Coppa’s vocal intensity, DEFCON 1 lands a heavy-hitting statement of intent.


BEAR FIGHT with Agressor Bunx connects a stealthy blow to the base of the skull, pushing heads down with tense vibes that penetrate deep in the bass range. CALLING YOU see veteran Current Value tearing a hole in the fabric of reality with a soaring reese designed to obliterate everything in its path backed with a spirited vocal line full of resistance. BLACK OPS brings bounce with L 33’s signature sound whilst long-time Coppa collaborators MachineCode pull things in a rowdy direction with a lean track that occasionally bursts at the sides to deliver intense flurries of percussion.


Once again the understated Berlin label shows they mean business through their consistent selection and obscenely high audio quality standard. Gathering the leading forces of the tech dnb sound and the deep charisma of MC Coppa to drop an EP of such weight that it will trip warning levels worldwide and raise ravers’ alertness to Defqon 1.
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