Benny Page & Sweetie Irie – Should A Know

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Release: 11th April 2016



Based between Kingston, Jamaica and London, UK, Yard International Records is pushing all strands of Jamaican-influenced music…Reggae, Dancehall, Grime, Garage, Jungle & Pop.
Expect juggling riddims, big unprecedented collaborations and general genre fusion madness.
The first release from Yard International Records is Benny Page & Sweetie Irie’s ‘Should A Know’ – This one big, bad dutty and heavy!
Benny returns in fine form with his trademark, top-notch production, this time he brings with him legendary vocalist Sweetie Irie. The combination of Benny and Sweetie on this up-front DnB burner, sets out Yard International’s stall in perfect style and lets you know what exactly to expect from this exciting new imprint and benny himself. PURE FIRE!!


To make this release even more special, Benny Page & Sweetie Irie have a collaboration album in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more details.



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