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Label // Blackout Music NL

Release Date //

Beatport Release – 15.04.2016

Worldwide Release – 15.04.2016


BLACKOUT MUSIC deliver an oppressive statement with their latest slice of heavy dnb, this time in the form of Slovenian artist TELEKINESIS’ and their OBEY EP. Delivering 4 powerful tracks designed to ensure the dancefloor submits to the authority of their hard-hitting neurofunk aesthetic, this talented pair of producers step up their game in a significant way for their 3rd outing on one of dnb’s most significant labels.


BREAK’s opening evokes the intro Prodigy’s ‘Smack my Bitch Up’ before dropping into a tear-out rave-destroyer of the highest order. LISTEN keeps the energy high, opening with a subtle but insistent acid line backed with a tightly engineered flurry of breaks that leads to the heavy stomping core of the track. PLAY maintains the stomp with its bolshie attitude and cheeky stabs, before SHUT UP shifts the EP back into deadly serious territory with a mean edge and brutal half-step smackdown delivered in the 2nd drop.



Telekenesis have carved a strong path with their releases to date, following up effective forays on Bad Taste and Eatbrain with an EP truly worthy of the standard set by Blackout Music NL. The OBEY EP sees these producers once again delivering on their promising talent and brutally taking control of the sound system to represent Blackout’s mighty sound.

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