Akrom: Overlord

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Italy’s Akrom continues his assault on the drum & bass world with a new release for Druid Records, Overlord/Esothron. The Modena-born DJ and producer has been making his way up the ladder since first discovering his love for the music back in the 2000s, and has made his presence felt with releases on Subculture, Neurofunk Grid and Red Light. His sound has been supported by Mind Vortex, Optiv, Chris.SU, June Miller, Mob Tactics, just to name a few.

Now he launches DRD015 into the stratosphere. The two tracks show off his style, commitment and ability to rock the dancefloor anytime, anywhere. Get ready for Overlord and Esothron.


The former creeps into life, with light touches on top of the mix create space and flow, all with a sense of impending doom. The drums skitter along until the track is well and truly built up, then drops down with a mighty strength. Akrom adds in the bass, driving it along in tandem with an insistent beat. He keeps with the airy, electronic feel, adding in samples when needed. All of this is brought along with some neat touches of synth, making Overlord truly the complete package. Truly something special from Akrom.

Esothron continues the vibe, sweeping through its intro with determination and perfect timing. The production flows in and out, drawing together the melody and the funk. Crunching, slightly retro effects meet the drop, with more than enough swagger to get the crowds moving. Electro flavours resound once again, this time with an ominous clock ticking away in the background. Swift, powerful drum & bass is Akrom’s calling card, and he excels in this type of environment.

The track drops down, ready to be rebuilt, which is exactly what the Italian does, expertly riding the waves of sound.

The future is right here, the future is Overlord and Esothron.


Get Overlord // Esothron



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