TOXIN – Outta Space EP

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Mammoth Muzik MAM004
Release Date: 4th April 2016
Artist: Toxin

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Toxin returns to Mammoth Muzik for the first release of 2016. Get ready for four cuts of quality dance floor craziness to get things moving. This EP showcases Toxin’s trademark style of hard hitting, dance floor rollers, made to get you bouncing on the dance floor!

First up we have the title track Outta Space which intros with a catchy horn riff and shuffling, driving beats. This builds up to a galaxy sized drop, and gives way to heavyweight bassline of galactic proportions! It came from Outta Space – and this track will lift off every time its played!



Special Victim Unit features an eerie, layered intro with haunting synths and spacey effects. These are the stories of the Special Victim Unit! The beats build to a pounding drum roll before dropping you straight into the stuttering, homicidal bassline which is complimented by killer beats.

Emperor has a dark intro with sinister strings, twisted synth stabs, and an evil sample commanding you to bow down to the Emperor! The bassline is similarly deep and dark, alongside a high pitched, distorted synth. The beats are crisp and rolling, and make this dark side shuffler king of the dance floor!

Finally we have Hunting Season which has an intro reminiscent of a classic western movie. Filtered drums and resonating guitar build up to a laid back skanker of a bassline. This unique roller rounds things off with a bang!

Get the Outta Space EP

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