Northern Lights: The Assassins EP

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Sneaking it’s way into your ear drums once again, Northern Lights returns to Digital Terror Records in fine form with The Assassins EP – five cuts of pristine, hard hitting D&B. As a previous contributor to the DTR back catalogue we are proud to present some of the duo’s most refined cuts yet. Beginning with the title track, they drop the classic “assassins” vocal chops, bubbling, rounded bass tones and layered breaks.


Playing like an album, you are rolled into another room in the asylum with “Use your imagination”. This tune bears a sharp stacked clap and gurgling reece to pierce through the dance floor. One of the stand out tunes on this EP played heavily on the circuit, “Smash the Place” goes in with a mental vibe hitting you directly from the intro.

Continuing on with more signature Northern Lights style, “Want some more” is an ode to the high energy and class of D&B in the 00’s with chopped diva vocals, a stabby donk bass and classic rave stabs. Setting the tone for a well rounded pack, Northern Lights shows their versatile production style with the laid back, melody driven “Liquid Harmony”– drenched in lush reverbs and panned atmospheres this cut feels perfect at the end of any set to leave the ravers something to remember.

Get The ‘Assassins’ EP

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