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M Ocean Records opens the account for our very first offering of 2016, proudly re-presenting DnB legend ‘Elementz of Noize’.

From their original jungle days on SOUR records with some classic Jungle tunes such as ‘Hit the Deck’, ‘Other Side of Town’, ‘Stick Up (featuring MC Det), through some atmospheric and intelligent DnB classics on Emotif such as ‘Neon’, ‘Astral’, ‘Big Foot’ & ‘Clock’ which was a massive favourite of the legendary John Peel who included the track on his ‘Fabric Live’ LP. Having gained a stellar reputation by keeping their craft deep, dark, lo-fi & at times just plain dirty! E.O.N now return from a decade in the wilderness…

‘Law of The Jungle’ is a heavyweight start to the 3 tracker! A tropical rainforest that has been filled with the sound of jungle calls and switching old skool breaks, all tightly chopped up and delivered hard with snarling snare drums and an all encompassing swooping, swirling, twisting bass… wrapping you in a ready brek glow to keep you warm during these long winter nights. Laying down the law of the dance floor!

Next up is ‘Throw your Shapes’ which starts with Hitchcock hair raising sounds of vinyl crackling on an open fire, setting the scene for what’s to come! A continuous rumbling of tribalistic rhythms and vibes as thunder descends and the track bobs and weaves on an intricate journey through valleys of lush haunting synthesizers, running over mountainous peaks of ever evolving beats… leading us into the cinematic soundscape of a rasping bass heavy horror film! Will we survive? Will there be a Part Two? Could it be Part One of many! We can only hope so!!!

Finally we have ‘Break The Code’ which comes to our rescue just in the nick of time… it feels like the sun is rising, helping the EP escape the grip of darkness, taking us to a more calm, fluid place… a sanctuary filled with light & with an air of peace. Now we are feeling the warmth once more as a luscious tech tapestry threads… entwines… covers over punchy fine-grained beats that dart in and all around us, before the return of melancholic haunting piano keys remind us that the journey is far from over!

Welcome back indeed!

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