Jay Square – Christ On My Mind

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Release: 18th March 2016

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Soul Savaz (DJ SS) teams up with the mighty Jay Square to give you the next release on Bass Disciples, SS’s new Gospel & Bass imprint. With killer Drum & Bass / Jungle remixes by new kid on the block Sikka & the new bassline prince Spexion….. We are coming to change the game, after all we are only here to spread the Gospel. God bless


J Square’s passion is spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music. He is ordained as a minister at the Voice of Triumph Ministries, host Pastors Trevor and Allison Joefield. J Square goes out into the ‘crime hot spots’ of Trinidad and Tobago with his team and reaches out to many young people through music. He is known for going into areas that other Gospel Ministers are not known to go and thus is known as a Musicianary, which is a Musician who is a Missionary. He has seen many things in his lifespan that has caused his songs to be different from the average Gospel Minister. He frequently deals with social ills like “Domestic Violence” & “Child Abuse” in his music. He believes with the Gospel in his music he can change the world, and thus his mission is to be a world changer.

•Won best Reggae/Rap song of the year at the Marlin Awards 2014
•Nominated for a National Youth Award by the Ministry of Gender and Youth Affairs.
•Released 5 solo albums “Higher Ground”, “One More Chance”, “Square”, “Root” & “Musicianary”


Get it on MP3

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