PRTCL & Sweetpea – 400Ft / Afterthought

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As they arrive at a quarter century of main catalogue releases, Terabyte Records appear to be turning the heat up in 2016, welcoming label debutants PRTCL & Sweetpea. Neither are strangers to the scene; with releases on Flexout, Notion and AutomAte, and residency on Rude FM respectively, they both hold significant clout amongst tastemakers.

An eerie and ominous opening sequence in ‘400ft’ makes away for some beautifully gritty low-end textures that leave the listener entranced with no clear escape route. Clever FX and pad work make for a top tune that will shake up the dance.

‘Afterthought’ certainly isn’t an afterthought. A sewer-like soundscape at the intro leads you down to the depths, where a haunting, lurking bass drone takes over and grips you like a vice. Coupled with fidgety percussive elements that swarm your ears like insects, this tune creates a harrowing vibe that will captivate the dance floor as much as it will entertain on your iPod.

Get 400Ft / Afterthought

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