A Man is Only a Man with a Beard

Growing a beard for any man is generally an accepted sign of masculinity. It’s when a man is able to show the world that he has the biological necessity to grow a beard. Modern culture here in 2016, beards are more popular than ever. More men are growing beards thanks to the culture memes of No Shave November along with the Reddit-esque culture that continues to create content and memes on the joy of being a man with a beard. Thankfully, for black men with beards there’s finally an option to deal with the oil that African Americans hair produces. As a white man, I actually have to deal with it myself. It’s an awful thing that causes acne and rashes if I don’t keep myself shaved. All it takes is a week worth of growth and suddenly my throat and jawline is covered in acne – not a fun experience when you’re in your 30s, let me tell you!

The worst part of this is not being able to grow a beard. It’s something that I’ve aways wanted to be able to do but trying to hide the acne that’s caused by the beard doesn’t help things at all. I tried doing that once and after a month, I had the most severe acne break out of my life. I may not have been able to see the acne but I could feel it. I was ashamed enough to not shave my beard because I didn’t want the world to see the acne that lay beneath but it was only making it even worse. Still, I did and had to suffer through the humiliation of the acne. It took weeks of treatment to be rid of and I was still without a beard. Now with this treatment I might finally be able to say goodbye to beard oil!