The Sect: Orbiter/Tetromino

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TSM marks the tenth digital release on the label and their first of 2016 with label owners The Sect delivering up two trademark tech rollers. With a host of releases slated for the coming year, across a variety of labels, the duo take advantage of home ground here to showcase a slightly more accessible take on their signature sound.

Orbiter’s serene intro belies the darkness into which this quickly descends, as the smooth pads and analogue bleeps make way for an onslaught of menacing stabs and dissonant FX, atop a rugged, driving beat and relentless, low-end pressure. More stripped-back and restrained than much of their recent output, this is certainly no less heavyweight an offering than we’ve come to expect from The Sect. Indeed, this unstoppable tech-funk juggernaut has been precision-engineered to make the moodiest of heads nod and get even the toughest of dancefloors bubbling.


Tetromino is a similarly refined, yet altogether more neuro affair. Dreamlike pads, combined with tight synth and FX stabs get operations underway, building tension and gaining momentum as crisp beats and precise percussion roll out until the breakdown. The Sect are in stealth mode again though, as it’s at this point that things really start to get deep, dark and deadly. Pulsating bass tones and growls interchange with a fluid bass riff, evolving as the track develops – all underpinned by an unforgiving sub. Streamlined and sleek, this track is guaranteed to inject copious amounts of energy into any set.

Get Orbiter / Tetromino

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