Pan: Iron Clad

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Terabyte Records are proud to present the second instalment in their new sister imprint, Hardwired. Coming from label newcomer and London lad, Pan, this is a boundary pushing release exploring the full capabilities of the 170 sound.

’Iron Clad’. combines not only elements of a-tonal sound design but also introducing a menacing sounding glockenspiel-esque melody and some exceptional middle-eastern vocal work; very reminiscent of some of the darker output of Exit Records.

‘Elephant Gun’ is a track with just a big a presence as its name. The tune starts with ominous sounding soundscapes and FX, beautifully melding into each other to create a very dark and rich atmosphere. Tribal sounding percussion enters the mix only adding to the hypnotic trance like vibes emanating from every note in this tune. This is a track that will set a very unique mood on the dancefloor, but is equally as suited to the at home listeners wishing to go on a journey through sound.

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