Seppa: Trojan / Coriolis

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Seppa’s beats scream tight and modern. Here is a man who prides himself on creating something unconventional and special within every track. With a repertoire encompassing far more than just drum & bass, some might say this makes him perfectly suited to a genre that always fares best whilst looking outwards rather than inwards.

The hasty, pressured vocal snippets of Trojan wind up the tension before storming out of the gate accompanied by tight beats, antagonistic bass slabs and boundless energy. This is one part glitch, one part neuro and one part mechanical stepper; there’s a dank, malevolent force at work here but somehow not taken too seriously.



Coriolis is upbeat yet laid back, weaving its way through a cave system lightyears from home, discovering as it goes a myriad of synthetic elements. A perfect comparison and contrast.

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