Drum & Bass Arena announce ‘Drum & Bass Arena 2016’ and drop 1st exclusive track (Technimatic – Flashbulb VIP)

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Celebrating 20 years in the game, Drum&BassArena, the genres most respected authority, returns this Spring with the 2016 edition of their best-selling album series

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Synonymous with consistent high-quality and meticulous curation, the Drum&BassArena annual is one of the most anticipated releases on the calendar; and the 2016 edition is no different.


Boasting 60 tracks across 3 CD’s with 11 exclusivesDrum&BassArena 2016 serves as a uniting force between all styles of the genre as it explores and celebrates talent from every corner.



Representing players old and new, this album will take you on a sometimes gritty, sometimes mesmerizing – but most likely a combination of both – sonic journey that exemplifies the breadth and depth of D&B in it’s current state.


The phenomenal tracklist that features household names such as RudimentalSigmaNoisiaFrictionCalyx & Teebee and more underground scene favourites including Rockwell, Ivy LabRido & Counterstrike and Dimension, alongside newcomers Cartoon,Dawn WallOwnglow and Ed:It proves that there is no other collection more representative of the genre than this one.


11 diverse but equally mind blowing exclusives on 1 album from the likes of Noisia and PhaceKoveTechnimaticBladerunnerand The Upbeats demonstrates the complete and utter trust that not just the community of fans has but the DJ/producer community at large have for this essential and timeless brand in selecting and representing only the best of the scene each year.


Representing an unparalleled diversity of talent, Drum&BassArena 2016 is the biggest album of the series yet.


Drum&BassArena 2016 is out March 11, 2016

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