I Really Needed Singing Lessons

When my brother videotaped my sisters and I singing one day, I was mortified when I watched it. I knew that I was not the best singer in the world, but I honestly did not know that I was that bad either. I know people are usually their own worst critic, but it was the honest truth in this case. I have always loved singing, so I knew I was not going to give it up, but I no longer wanted to be embarrassed. That is why I decided to look up online singing lessons.

I wanted to learn how to sing properly, and I figured I might be able to find something online that would help me. What I found was even better than I expected though. I was able to sign up for singing lessons from a professional, and the video instructions that I received as well as the one on one instruction was nothing short of amazing. I realized that I was singing all wrong, but I was able to learn the tricks really quick. I also learned that there are no bad singers. There are just people who don’t know how to reach their singing potential.

That is something that a trained professional can help anyone with though, as long as they are willing to learn and practice. I was definitely willing to do both, and I sound so much better now. I stopped singing in public as soon as I watched my brother’s video, but now I have no embarrassment at all, regardless if it is just me in the room or a crowd of several dozen. My friends told me they are happy that I got the singing lessons because I sound so much better now. I can’t blame them for not wanting to hurt my feelings before, but I really wish they had!