Bladerunner Launches ‘Hi-Resolution’ Label

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Get The Storm/Electro Funk

You wanna talk about new? We’ve got something brand new for you for 2016. The sensational Bladerunner is back with two new tunes on a brand new label – Hi-Resolution Recordings.

Since his early days back in the late 90s/early 2000s, Bladerunner has displayed an ability to give the crowd what they want, but with a sense of drive and independence. With releases on labels such as Dread, Creative Source, Formation and now Hi-Resolution, the DJ and producer has always been able to tear up dancefloors across the country and abroad.


He’s ready for a new year with The Storm and Electro Funk. Don’t sleep, these two are essential. The Storm is a turbo-charged electronic monster, which creeps into action with bleeps and blasts, ready to knock you off course as soon as the intro kicks in. Beats underlay the synths, as Bladerunner soon lets you know what he’s all about. After the delayed drop, you’re brought full circle as the producer cuts away the unnecessary, leaving you with a stripped-back piece of perfection. This one is simply going to go off in the clubs, when the ravers hear the warming, amped up bass which is introduced later in the tune. Bladerunner means business with The Storm.


Electro Funk, meanwhile, trades piano lines and looping, whirling effects in its intro, before the beat becomes dominant. Sharp stabs of horn are added in, and then things drop down into the main section. Nightmarish twists and turns take us through Electro Funk, with old skool-sounding bass underneath. Bladerunner’s always been able to do his own thing, and is very much in future mode on both The Storm and Electro Funk, which growls and grooves along on its way to resolution. The bass’ll reverberate around your brain for days to come after listening to Electro Funk.

We may be in a new year, but we can still expect amazing music from the one like Bladerunner.

Juno Exc: 22nd Feb

Get The Storm/Electro Funk

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