Noisia Radio S02E07

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noisia_radio-s02e07They answer some short questions about extreme fishing, sandwiches and sub bass mixing amidst tunes from Annix’s and Limewax’s forthcoming albums.

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Limewax – Natural [PRSPCT]
Konichi – Contraband [PLAYAZ]
Yancey x Proche. – Senkan [BANDCAMP]
Anthony Granata + Tremah – Nice + Close (Zero T Remix) [DEEPER VISION]
Quadrant & NC-17 – Living A Lie [DISPATCH]
Paint – Hazaca [SOUNDCLOUD]
Ewol & Espired – Malfunction (Euph Remix) [MOST ADDICTIVE]
Agressor Bunx – Elephant [IGNESCENT]
Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind – The Cleaner [BLACKOUT]
Oak City Slums – Hi 1
Oak City Slums – Hi 2
Noisia – Omissions [VISION]
Question Time!
Slope Badrive.mp3
Mefjus – Continuous VIP [CRITICAL]
Corrupt Souls – Seppuku [MOVING SHADOWS]
Tsuruda – Chaos Motion [SOUNDCLOUD]
Taelimb – Depth Charge [DEMAND SELECTS]
Kangding Ray – Serendipity March [RASTER-NOTON]

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