NEWSFLASH!! Callide Releases Brand New MIX

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After a long and successful career as a DJ and producer, Callide decided at the end of 2014 that he would be hanging up his headphones and stepping back from the scene. This was down to a range of reasons such as wanting to focus more on  Cygnus Music (a UK based digital Distributor) , but callide - Copymainly because he found it increasing difficult to play out the style he wanted to represent which focussed around the big anthemic sounds of the late 2000’s.


If you check out his release catalogue on his System Shock label  plus Titan, Ram, Viper, 36 Hertz and more, you’ll hear a great deal of influence in his sounds from heads like Mampi Swift, Dillinja and TC and that’s the vibe he’s always wanted to represent.

Always pitching for an anthem. 2 months ago after a long year away from it all, Callide found himself opening up Studio 1, Massive and Z3ta and things started to shape at an alarming rate. Over the course of 2 weeks he had finished 8 new tunes…and they were sounding pretty heavy too. After posting a few video’s on-line, he found the response was overwhelming and thought “perhaps I’ll keep going”. His plan now is to get to around 30 finished tracks and think about getting some releases out, but right now He’s enjoying the fact that he has no deadlines and no pressure to write music, it’s all like it used to be, organic and fun.



Next up for Callide was to see if he wanted to get back in to the DJ side of things, and was soon invited to play at Forcefield in Antwerp, Drumstation in Prague and Renegade Hardware in London. All the gigs went really well, so it’s looking like things are well on track for a Callide DJ career  relaunch.


Callide has now put together his first mix in well over a year and he’s very happy to say that “it’s a great representation of the sounds I’ll be looking to make and play out, full on and rowdy. I’m not so hung up on sub genres and styles, as long as it’s got the vibe I like then it’s in the set whether it’s Dancefloor, Tech, Jump up or Neuro”.


We don’t hear many sets like this any more and hope that people enjoy the selection.

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