NickBee – Another Dimension / Splitting Hairs

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Concussion Records are back with their second release, CNCSN002, on which the Ukrainian master Nickbee drops Another Dimension and Splitting Hairs.

Nickbee is truly a legend in his own time, and an artist and producer who has won acclaim from right across the drum & bass world. Starting out at the early age of 15, releases on Horizons Music, Dispatch Recordings and Close 2 Death earned him the praise of Bad Company, Noisia and Friction amongst many, many more. Now, he is moving on with a new release on Concussion, a label who previously hit you with music from Kantyze and Bowsar in the form of Prelude to Schism and Thanos. Now, make sure you are ready for Another Dimension and Splitting Hairs.


The former shakes its way into life around some stuttering percussion, whilst the background is filled in with some chilling, eerie atmospherics. Nick slowly builds things up in his trademark intense fashion, with chiming keys counterbalancing the morphing, transforming bassline. Next up is the drums, which drop in to form the backbone of the tune. The bass sits forward, going absolutely crazy whilst still being restrained. Talk about a quiet storm, Nick proves once again that he can do it all with Another Dimension. Transport yourself.

Splitting Hairs starts off with some long-slung bass and echoing effects, with the beats starting early. More layers are added in, with different elements coming in and out of the light and shade. The tension is ramped up, before classic-sounding drums enter the fray. This one’s as tight as you like, with everything sounding oh so fresh. Nickbee and Concussion Records are right on it with this one, which’ll go down well everywhere it’s played. The producer takes it down to build it back up, switching the rhythm up just slightly in the second half. Prepare to nod your head to Splitting Hairs from here to eternity.

Big, no, huge sounds from Concussion Records on CNCSN002. Brain-wrecking.

Get NickBee – Another Dimension / Splitting Hairs

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