Supreme Being: Savages/Jungle

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The mighty Supreme Being is back, hooking up with the West’s best label, Wild West Recordings, for WWR011, Savages/Jungle.

Jason Judge is a man who has done it all. Image Muzik, Propaganda Recordings, Playaz, Formation…you name a big label, he’s been on it. From the early days of Just Teasin/Tune In to support from Grooverider, Andy C and DJ Hype, everything he touches turns to gold. Including his new release on Wild West, which is sure to be a big smash in the clubs up and down the nation.


A producer who always explores his entire sound, Supreme Being navigates around the drum & bass universe. On Savages, for example, he goes straight for the jugular, with booming beats hitting you full in the face from the off. You just know this is going to be a big one, as SB ramps up the pressure before the drop. Subtle tempo changes lead into some cataclysmic bass runs, before percussion and dark, deep interludes help fill in the picture. Driving leads and epic put-backs help to make this into a dancefloor destroyer, as Supreme Being wins fans old and new with Savages. Listen as the humming drums bounce around the mix, and SB finishes things off in style. Just big.


Jungle, as the name suggests, takes us deep into the undergrowth. Opting for sweeping synths in the opening, SB soon bears down with an eerie spoken sample. From then on, all bets are off. Clashing drums, roaring bass and messy low end all adds up to another huge hit for Supreme Being. You’ll find yourself immediately drawn to Jungle, which nicely balances club- and home-listening vibes, showcasing the producer’s ability to draw both weight and depth from his music. The future of drum & bass is here, in the capable hands of Supreme Being and Wild West Recordings.

WWR011 is going to fly, so be sure to grab your copy now.

Get Savages/Jungle

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