ED:IT Pathways EP

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Release: 29th January 2016

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Ed:it has been a man on a mission since his first forays into the drum & bass scene back in 2010. Since then he has honed his sound to become one of the finest purveyors of meaningful, soulful but gritty D&B, garnering fans from across the spectrum and heavy support from some the biggest names & labels, including Shogun Audio who are now proud to call him their own. Now an official signee and part of the Shogun stable, Ed:it’s mission continues with his very first solo release on the label, the ‘Pathways’ EP.

“For my first release since signing exclusive to Shogun Audio I wanted to bring something a little different to the table but keeping to my own sound. There’s something for everyone I think.

The title track came together in a deep way, gathering ideas that really meant things to me. Vocal parts and piano samples etc. The Pennygiles collab wrote itself with Stu’s atmospherics as the backbone. With ‘Viewpoint’ I wanted to create a really old school’ish flavour but gathering new elements. I wrote the intro ages ago then later I found those stab hits that for me just work moving into the drop. ‘Night Creeper’ came from a really experimental vibe. It began being very minimal but as soon as I received the Linguistics vocal I know it had to be busier, tekky and crazy!

The whole EP really means a lot to me. It has new sounds moving forward as well as classic vibes that’ll I always love to utilize. I know I’ll listen back to it in the future and remember this time and signing onto the Shogun imprint” Ed:it



Get ED:IT on Vinyl
Release date – 29th January 2016


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