MALUX – Turbine/ Fonk

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Label: Bad Taste Recordings

Cat Number: BT047

Beatport exclusive: 29th January 2016
Worldwide: 12th February 2016
Vinyl: TBA


Bad Taste Recordings hits 2016 in severe kinetic style with a fresh pair of tracks launching the identity of MALUX, the new Neurofunk-focussed moniker of established bass producer SKOPE (Inspected, Technique Recordings). With “Turbine” and “Fonk” the agenda is clear-energetic, funk-fuelled DnB driven by detailed low-frequency design and a boisterous rave vibe.


TURBINE carries with it a stripped aesthetic, with a percussive pattern driven by the snare and wonky plucked synth work. This is heads-down, bassface material for ravers to get into step to.
malux turbineFONK on the flip hits a cheeky upbeat tone, switching slickly between bass textures punctuated by staccato sonic fragments.
With support from scene titans such as Andy C, The Upbeats and radio play from Friction on BBC R1 and Crissy Criss on Kiss FM, Malux has immediately caught the attention of those who know.
Bad Taste hits the nail on the head again, introducing another name with a big destiny into the halls of Drum&Bass.


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