Optiv presents: Datr3ndz – Dead Rising

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As Cabbie & Devize, the two producers have been responsible for over 100 releases, on some of the biggest labels in the history of our music – Moving Shadow, 31 Records, V Records, Bad Taste, Playaz and more. Their music has features on BBC Radio 1, Radio 1Xtra and Kiss Fm. They now bring all of their extensive experience and talent to Optiv’s incredible Red Light imprint for their 20th release, Dead Rising and All It Takes. A new beginning for the production duo as Datr3ndz, RLDIG020 comes at a perfect time for artist and label alike.


Dead Rising bursts out of the gate, immediately and indelibly grabbing listeners’ attention. Blaring horns lead into murderous samples, before the zombies start their ascent. Don’t say you weren’t warned, as Datr3ndz bring all of their might into the drop. Huge beats and buzzing bass lace their way around your consciousness, and you won’t be able to resist the power of Dead Rising. Headnodding, addictive and dangerous, this marks a great start to 2016 for Red Light. Try as you might, you won’t be able to avoid the Dead Rising.

All this is a precursor for All It Takes, which will rock and shock with the best of them. From it’s ravey beginning, through to the drop and beyond, this is one hell of a tune. Slicing and dicing through bass, beats and melody, All It Takes builds up from its intro into a blooming, booming trip into the future. Speakers will blast this one for miles round, and they’ll be no escape. Let the groove take you far beyond, as Datr3ndz unite jump up and techstep to create a sound all their own.

RLDIG020 is a game changer. Get it now.

Pre Order from Amazon

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