Mob Tactics’ Top 5 Weapons for NYE

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Mob Tactics talk us through their Top 5 weapons for NYE. Make sure to check out Viper’s annual compilation, packed with bangers to kick start 2016.

1. L 33 – Clublife

“This track is probably the best thing – in our humble opinion – that L 33 has done, and judging by the reaction it gets when we play it out I think many people are gonna agree! Chunky as fu*k and always seems to trigger a sea of screwfaces. Banger.

2. Mob Tactics – Get Dirty

“This is the lead track from our next single for Viper dropping next year. Relatively stripped back and very raw this has been going down a treat in the clubs – which is always reassuring! Anyone who’s seen us play the last few months may well recognise it as our opening track…”

3. The Prototypes – Hypercube

“One of the biggest tracks from our sets this year. Just incredible production and vibes from these two – they never miss. The awesomely anthemic yet melancholy intro always gets the hairs on our neck standing to attention, and the drop just does the damage each and every time. Essential.”

4. Prolix – Untitled

“Something brand new from Prolix and this one is taking no prisoners! Wicked intro that gives way to an ominous breakdown before the full might of the drop is unleashed. Been really going off in our sets with several people usually peering over our shoulders to see what it is! Set to be a biggie.”

5. Mob Tactics – Rave Weapon

“Well, we had to choose one more of ours, haha! The support we’ve been getting for this has been truly humbling, with Friction and Phil Taggart giving it a good hammering on Radio 1. As Friction said: “does exactly what it says on the tin!” Now available as a free download when you subscribe to the Viper newsletter *plug, plug*

Check out Viper’s annual compilation below and buy it HERE.

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