D’Silva Interview

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We caught up with UK producer D’Silva, to find out a bit about him and his journey into the world of Drum & Bass.


Temperature Rising/My Everything dropped on the 1st November, I personally loved the release. Was the reaction what you expected and how was the support you received from it?
The reaction has been really positive, we have received some great feedback from all over the world. Being a first release on a brand new label was a huge learning curve. We all learnt a lot about the various aspects of the process. Our next release is definitely a step up on all fronts and we are super happy with the results.

Since making the smooth and natural transition into the Drum & Bass world, who have you enjoyed working with, and why? (Producers & Vocalists)
I love working with all my long time friends and collaborators, especially TMS, Jaded, Xtrah, IC3 and Ruffstuff. All these people inspire me to step my game up in a major way, working alongside TMS especially has shown me what it is like to do things with the most professional process and amazingly talented writers. Ruffstuff is a ledge, he really has his ear to the scene and keeps me posted on what I should and shouldn’t be doing on a rave tip.

What has been your musical highlight of 2015?
Without a doubt, starting the process of getting my new music out there. Being a long term d&b head, junglist, garage man, bass music fiend. It is great to show people the diversity in my production portfoliio. In a previous life I have had great success in the breaks world, under various names. Bass music in all forms has and always will be a huge role in my life, the D’Silva project is the next evolution in that.

Those that know me whether personally, professionally or have even followed me as an artist will know this has been a long time coming. Some of the music that will be unleashed next year, has been two odd years in the making.

So to summarise, launching D’Silva, rolling with some sick dudes and setting up a dope f%cking music company called Reach LDN and letting the world know that we are coming for you in 2016/2017. Watch out!

Who are your top 2 most influential producers, and why?
Sigma – what they have achieved over their career as bass music artists is amazing.

TMS – very close friends of mine and insanely talented individuals. The list of records they have produced and written is insane. Super inspiring.

What can we expect from you in the future?
Taking our creative hub Reach LDN to the next level with a group of ridiculously talented, producers, film makers, creatives, song writers, artists and vocalists.



D’Silva – Bass Telescope / On The Wall is out Now on Reach LDN.

Buy it HERE.

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