ENEI – Rituals LP

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Release: 4th December 2015



Russia’s premiere drum & bass export Enei returns to close out 2015 with his eagerly awaited sophomore album, ‘Rituals’. Following up on his 2012 debut long player ‘Machines’, Enei shows off a defiantly more mature sound palette drawing influence from across the drum & bass spectrum from his trademark tech nasties through to the deep subliminals from an array of collaborators. With 15 new tracks on offer ‘Rituals’ is another triumph for an artist moving ever onwards, marking the start of Enei’s new chapter.

“I decided to write a new album about one and a half years ago because I’ve simply got so many ideas in my head, writing every day. The album name came about from a real love for various native and world musics, very ritualistic as are we all in our daily lives. We live by rituals really when you think about it from your morning cup of coffee to y incessant writing in the studio – ‘Rituals’ is en extension of my soul.


I met Charli Brix and started the first album tracks with her vocals. She sounds amazing, beautiful, clean and sensitive. ‘Rituals’ definitely sounds more technically strong than all my previous output I would say, coupled with a certain grace that the likes of Charli bring.

I could say that every track in this LP is different as things were made very far apart spanning that year and a half, new equipment, different techniques. I also have a lot of collabs on this LP; Frank Carter III who’s worked with Ivy Lab in the past was amazing and of course Critical crew Kasra, Mefjus, Foreign Concept and my old friend Eastcolors.

I’m so happy with how it’s worked out, hope you all enjoy listening and dancing! The new era of Enei, watch out :)” Enei 2015

01. Intro
02. Enei – Vertigo
03. Enei – Bad Proof
04. Enei – Iron Curtain
05. Enei – Homeworld feat. Charli Brix
06. Enei – Lost World
07. Enei – Moment Of Now feat. Frank Carter III
08. Enei & Eastcolors – Jungle Business
09. Enei & Foreign Concept – Forgotten Planet feat. Peta Oneir
10. Enei – Just One Look feat. Charli Brix
11. Enei & Kasra – Lessons feat. DRS
12. Enei & Mefjus – Dead Space
13. Enei – Brick Law
14. Enei – Between The Split
15. Enei – Two Faced
16. Enei – Analog Desert

Digital Bonus Tracks
Enei – Cold Path
Enei – Different Ways feat. Riya
Enei – Save Me feat. Charli Brix

Vinyl 2×12”
A. Enei – Homeworld feat. Charli Brix
B. Enei & Kasra – Lessons feat. DRS
C. Enei & Mefjus – Dead Space
D. Enei & Eastcolors – Jungle Business

Release date – 4th December 2014


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