Urbandawn – Cloudless EP

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Release: 30th November 2015


This year Hospital Records announced an exciting addition to their roster, Brazilian-born Urbandawn. Previously unknown in the spheres of drum & bass yet has shone through with his melodic and soulful drum & bass that’s polished to perfection. Following his well-received debut single “Neon Nights” is the charming “Cloudless” EP – four tracks encompassing every element of Urbandawn from his sweet natured, warming tones to high-energy dance-floor impacts.

Title-track “Cloudless’ is the result of an unexpected session in London Elektricity’s south-east London home-studio. Expect an instantly inviting vocal-lead arrangement performed by “Just One Second” singer Elsa Esmeralda who compliments the instrumental qualities with a beautiful, harmonic performance.

Adding another string to his bow is an unorthodox title for an unorthodox track. Screaming for the dance is Urbandawn’s ‘Pavlov’s Dog’ that uses unconventional arrangements and unusual sounds in an effort to make noise against the rising glamorization and formulaic predictability of “EDM culture”. Jazz inspired piano chords lead the way over fierce beats in “Under Your Sheets” followed by a call back to the summer months with “Vona”.


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