Delta Heavy – Punish My Love / Punish My Love (174 Mix)

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Label: Ram Records



One of the most exciting and diverse UK duos to take their sound transatlantic, Delta Heavy return after the viral success of their last single ‘Ghost’ with the next single from their forthcoming debut album. Whether it’s at 174 bpm or switching it down a notch for the kind of sub-filled, bouncy records which have made them so notorious across the club circuit, this next output from Delta Heavy perfectly merges two opposite ends of the spectrum. And this will stand as a resounding part of their discography; that’s both on the radio airwaves and from the speakers of venues globally. 

The British pair, consisting of Ben Hall and Simon James, have been impressing crowds of bassheads with their undeniable talent in producing dubstep, DnB, trap, and generally all things heavy.” – DJ Mag


“From their D&B roots they’ve since gone on to demonstrate their impeccable production skills across a multitude of genres from 110 to dubstep to electro.” – UKF


‘Punish my Love’ is pumped up by a chiselled future house groove, juxtaposing euphoric steel pans and an incessantly hooky vocal with playful, elastic bass line.  On the flipside, we’re presented with a vastly different drum and bass mix recalling their trademark sound. Jungle influenced drums, snarling and switching bass lines and a rave piano melody put an aggressive, club-ready spin on the original.



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