Pola & Bryson – The Remix EP

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Release Date: 14.12.15

After 2 solo releases respectively on Soulvent last year, Jack Higgins and Harry Bryson joined forces back in April to release their first EP, simply entitled The Music. This understated 4 track release has received a fairly impressive response, with support from Rinse FM, Mistajam, Technimatic, London Elektricity, SPY, Etherwood, Fred V and Grafix… The list goes on. We therefore decided to let the rest of the Soulvent camp fight tooth and nail over the stems. The outcome resulted in 4 incredible remixes from the likes of Phaction, GLXY, Arch Origin and T & Sugah.



GLXY returns to Solvent to apply their trademark sound to ‘The Music’. Cleverly sampling portions of the original track, they totally re-imagine it’s liquid roller beginnings, turning it into a veritable bass playground. Phaction injects Bristolian flavour into ‘Stolen Glances’ ft. Sammie Bella with soft pads, a seriously jazzy piano lick and crisp drum pattern. Tipping it’s cap to the original, this softer remix shows Phaction’s composure as a producer and a welcome first foray on Soulvent. Daniel Van Mourik, AKA, Arch Origin turns his hand to ‘Bad Habit’. With some ‘Take Me Away’-esque bassline work and tight drum grooves he turns up a win with this remix. Finally T & Sugah round off the 4 track with their take on ‘Walk Away’. The intro sees
rhythmic plucky synths building energy, making way for the pitched down original vocal.

The Remix EP proves to be as much of a package deal, as Pola & Bryson’s original offering. Breathing new life into an already fresh release – Soulvent are proud to present The Remix EP.

SV017 Artwork



  1. The Music (GLXY Remix)
  2. Stolen Glances ft. Sammie Bella (Phaction Remix)
  3. Bad Habit (Arch Origin Remix)
  4. Walk Away (T & Sugah Remix)

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