Gerra and Stone ‘Dnt U/Chicago’

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Over the past year, Gerra & Stone have become one of the most exciting duos to take the genre’s forefront. Featuring across Ram and Program’s discography, they’re creating their own space, one held firmly by tight production standards and a refreshing musicality, seldom seen in newly emerging talent. The single appeals to a diverse group of music listeners. Whether across the subs of London’s haunts, or the headphones of any technical music listener, these next two sonic cuts pedestal not only their understanding of a diverse sound design, but also their ability to conquer it.


‘Dnt U’ is a riddim which cuts and swerves between cascading breaks and instantly recognisable drum patterns. The junglist influences are given a stockiness by an LFO bassline and distortion, falling between amen and quaking sub. It shows a clear persona etched out by the two producers, one which has made them instantly recognisable from the outset.


The next up, ‘Chicago’ also brings an old school vibe whilst utilising more contemporary techniques. Flipping beat patterns draw you in, whilst metallic percussion drives you forward at an incredible speed. Switching up, it then drags you down a corridor of fluctuating bass notes and snapping hi-hats. Adding a second instalment to an already impressive entree, this next output from the outfit prove their path is about to take another ascent. And with exciting new talent to come from the imprint… Once again, it’s time to get with the Program!

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