1000DaysWasted – 90 Day High

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Release: 23rd November 2015

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1000DaysWasted – 90 Day High

On the 90 day high….we elevate together…. a stellar explosion ….I didn’t thought we could get higher but we do.. In this eternal mome
1000DaysWasted, the Planet Smasher! Born in The North Hamptons Midlands UK, 1000DaysWasted is a Beatport and Juno Top 100 artist, owner and record label manager @Night45uk.
1000DaysWasted’s unique style of music is best described as “Dark melodic sounds with driving beats combined with a hard bass funk, soul igniting layers of dancefloor melodics, sounds that leave the listeners blissfully charged”


Tabali Tigi
Love the drum kit choice! The vocals fit perfectly with the energetic soundscape. The composition of the instrumental is perfect. I really enjoy the big arena sound of the track, and it sounds like a track that would absolutely kill in the clubs!

Mind the Gap
Has got club classic written all over it- although I thought the bass level was a little low, needs that growling grinding bass to complete it.

Mandie Ledz
Love the breakdown! Really cruisy tune!

great tune

DJ Contrast
dope! 1000DaysWasted on top of his game! big tune.

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