Impak – Try Again

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Two more major slices of funk from Spain’s Impak make up Cause4Concern Recordings’ new release, Try Again/Time Stopper. Impak’s music has previously been issued on labels such as Redlight, Ammunition, Mindtech, Neurofunkgrid, and Meltingpot, and now he returns with C4CDIGUK029, which sees his own Try Again go up against his remix of C4C’s Time Stopper.

Cause4Concern, and their label, has long been a force to be reckoned with in the worlds of neuro and tech-inspired drum & bass, and indeed in the wider musical universe. Their dedication to the craft, and their ability to produce and put out banger after banger has inspired many around the globe.


Try Again is a big, big tune, exhibiting its depth and purpose right from the start. It’s clear Impak has put his heart and soul into the track, which begins with some epic building synths. Crashing cymbals then lead into the frenzied drop, where the beats come in. Scorching bass underpins everything, as the producer makes clear his plan for total world domination. The tune spreads out, taking you with it, as melody lines are added alongside increasingly frustrated vocal samples, encouraging listeners to spread Impak’s music far and wide.

Impak then proceeds to go in on C4C’s Time Stopper. His remix adds his own knowledge and experience, drawing out new sounds and opening new parts of the original. Coruscating drums are the order of the day, with various patterns flashing across the soundscape. The pace is high, with flashes of samples and effects feeding in and out of the mix. Then, the bass comes in and blows things wide open, with hums and snarls, as Impak takes things up a level. The tune then drops down, only to be built back up. The remix is consummate, offering a fresh take on the track that only Impak can provide.

Make sure you grab a hold of C4CDIGUK029, and don’t let go.

Buy Try Again here

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