Zombie Cats – Bloodline EP

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The tale gets told down the ages as the Zombie Cats present the Bloodline EP, the latest release on BTK’s Dutty Audio label.

The Cats are fresh from releases on Eatbrain, Bad Taste and Lifted, amongst their fifty-plus singles and albums for Turning Point and Trust In Music. They’ve collaborated with Mefjus, Maztek and more, and represent the vanguard of the modern neurofunk sound. Amid plans for new music on DNB Arena and more, they now crash land onto Dutty for their new issue – Bloodline.

Dutty Audio have been rocking and shocking audiences throughout the world since 2010, with BTK’s firm foundation meaning the label rose from a solid start. But he’s put in plenty of hard work since then, and the imprint has become known for BTK’s and others’ music. The Zombie Cats now present the four tracks of the Bloodline EP for your listening pleasure.



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