LIZ-E – Memories / Love 4 You

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Release: 20th November 2015

Label: SGN:LTD



Having hit a home run with her addition to the recent Point Of Origin Vol.1 album on Shogun, Liz-E returns to the SGN:LTD imprint for a solo release brimming with her trademark soothing but bruising sounds.

‘Memories’ flows full with liquid melancholy as the vocal draws us straight into the deep end as bubbling breaks peppered with old school tweaks and hardline bass carries us away on this silky D&B roller.


Upping the epic levels Liz-E brings the vibe once more on ‘Love 4 You’ with a more uplifting note to capture hearts across club land. Watch ‘em raise their cups to the stars when this hits the dance floor, tried and tested in many a Shogun set.

Release date – 20th November 2015


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