Charge Recordings presents – Revisited EP Part 1

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Full Release: 16th Nov 2015

As much as drum & bass is all about the future, sometimes it’s good to go back. With Revisited Part 1, Mampi Swift’s Charge imprint is giving listeners a chance to access the label’s grates, whilst at the same time check out the cutting edge of the scene. Charge, now in its 13th year, is well known for its anthemic tunes from Mampi, plus a hand-picked selection of only the finest producers.

chargeThe five track EP takes in a blend of new tunes and remastered versions of classics from Swift himself, DJ Fresh, Blame and Friction.

Two new tracks from Mampi – Back to 92 and The Spirits, lead things off. The former is a tribute to the old skool, with a piano break to take you right back, and some classic synths to keep you there. The latter evokes a crazy blend of gospel-like joy and insane electronics.
Mampi’s collab with DJ Fresh ‘Play Me’ gets dusted down in the shape of his and Blame’s remix remastered for 2015. Building from inside, this one will attack every part of your body and soul with its addictive drums and maddening melody lines. The depth of production becomes clearer the longer the track goes on, a mark of Play Me’s quality and lasting appeal.

Friction’s 3rd Planet, originally from 2003, also gets the remastering treatment. With its ominous, almost ravey synth intro, and creeping, crawling build up, the classic vibes of the 3rd Planet are still as fresh and hard hitting as ever. Don’t sleep on the skittering beats, rolling, morphing bass and in your face kicks and snares. Blame’s Stay Forever still sounds amazing, with its warming liquid vibes and rushing breaks. Relive the epic strings, lush atmospherics and sweeping vocals of this one, in a cleaned up and revitalised mix. This is undoubtedly Blame at his best, so tune in and Stay Forever.

Revisited Part 1 opens the door to Charge for listeners old and new. Expect much more from the Mampi one soon.

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