AudioPorn presents: Neuroporn

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Prepare for new music from Shimon’s Audioporn, who unveil their massive new Neuroporn project. The release sees a total of eight tunes, from a diverse range of artists, all of whom show off their finest neuro-influenced beats. From label stars like James Marvel to exciting talents like Fatloaf and Fade, Neuroporn brings to you music very much on the cutting edge. Audioporn, has always been about putting the music first, and destroying the dancefloor. Get ready as Neuroporn takes you on a trip into the unknown.

James Marvel starts things off, with Elephants. Big, bashy and bold, Elephants launches itself out of the blocks, with brash basslines, as all the while the beats stomp their way through the undergrowth. A truly epic way to start the collection, this one’ll get you going and no mistake. Dilemn turns up to Knock It Down next, alongside The Clamps. Together, they create one of the biggest tunes on the EP, all pulsating beats and flashing electronics. Capturing the spirit of the neurofunk sound is not easy, yet Dilmemn and The Clamps have done it on Knock It Down. Get ready for this.


Yanntek says Ah-Woo, and who are we to argue, as the track gets seriously animalistic straight from the off. Switching speeds and twisting through the turns, this is one seriously different piece of music. Whether it’s the crunching bass, or the simmering low end, there’s just something about this one which’ll catch you off guard, and will stick in your head for days to come.

Fade’s Epizode is a bit more relaxed in its introduction, before dropping down into some hardcore, techy business which blends a range of different sounds, before Bl4ck Owlz come with the insane Firebowl. This one has to be heard to be believed, and once you hear it, you’ll never forget. Fitting in perfectly with the other tracks, this one’s a highlight.

Contributions from Fatloaf (the hip hop-inspired Elbows Up) and Velos (the dreamy, nightmarish The Navigator) follow, before Intrakspekt’s For The Flesh finishes things off. Building slowly, this one soon jumps up with bouncing beats, rugged bass pressure and a trailer load of attitude.

Neuroporn will fulfil your every musical fantasy. Grab it now.

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