Royalston- People On The Ground

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Release: 30th October 2015

Label: Med School


Emerging from the shadows are the thrills and chills of Royalston’s new album the “People on the Ground” LP out 30th October on Med School – the experimental sister label of drum & bass empire Hospital Records. For his second album Sydney-based DJ and producer has ripped apart the rulebook with fifteen eccentric and exciting electronic tracks.
The “People on the Ground” LP explores through the obscure yet brilliant sounds of one of Sydney’s most talented exports for a haunting and hypnotic take on drum & bass. Title track features the captivating vocals of Hannah Joy and moves through melodic, piano foundations before catapulting into a euphoric whirlwind of sounds and styles making way for the mania to come.


There are the sudden, schizophrenic switch-ups of “Give Me the World” and “I Saw the Face of a Person” that highlight Royalston’s unpredictable style. His game of guesswork keeps things exciting and exhilarating throughout with influences of techno, house and trance all enticingly tangled into dirty drums and deep bass. “The Wrath of Mr Sparkles” and “Don’t Give Me Up” are not to be taken lightly, unrelenting and unrestricted to any musical parameters.


Royalston has also enlisted a number of artists to join in the fun and games. Welcoming back Victoria, from pop group MA, cousin and fellow drum & bass producer Pearse Hawkins, Sydney-based singer Emily Harkness and emerging UK hip-hop artist Lyflyk.
When he’s not writing drum & bass Royalston pursues his other passion of illustration, which he’s made full use of in this project, with the intricate detail in his music replicated in the artwork he solely designed.
The “People on the Ground” LP accelerates Royalston from his previous album “OCD”, whilst keeping to his unorthodox approach to production mashing and merging genres into one crazed counterpart.



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