J-Man ft. Daddy Freddy & Blackout JA – Kill Dem Again

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J-Man’s unwavering work ethic is celebrated by Run Tingz Digital in the form of the follow up to his debut 2014 single ‘Road Block ft. Parly B’. This time around he has enlisted the unfaltering vocal capabilities of both Daddy Freddy & Blackout JA to endorse what can only be described as a top notch high energy ragga-roller – one of the strongest releases on the the Digital imprint to date.


Kill Dem Again’s high energy onslaught ensues with the familiar raspy aberrations of both Freddy and Blackout, before rolling out into a clean cut modern day jungle sound, fitting of title track status.



The flip is a remix by label newcomers Koznik & Khavy – gnarly ragga jump up executed to a high standard by a Belgian duo who also have an EP forthcoming on one of Run Tingz’ sister labels Drum Clone Records.


Label: RUN TINGZ DIGITAL Catalogue: RTZD011
Release Date: 06.11.2015 (Juno Dowload Exclusive) / 13.11.2015 (Worldwide)

1: J-Man ft. Daddy Freddy & Blackout JA – Kill Dem Again
2: Koznik & Khavy Remix

Support from: Benny Page, Ed Solo, Kenny Ken, Nu:Tone, Aries, Nicky Blackmarket, Serial Killaz, Jam Thieves, Salaryman, Marvellous Cain, Jacky Murda, RSD, Liondub & more

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